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Astrophylite Towers

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 Astrophyllite is one of those multidimensional stones that helps one connect and achieve attunement to realms beyond our own understanding. Through deep meditation and trust with this stone, one is able to take their spiritual journey to completely new heights. Your entire chakra column readjusts and realigns itself when one engages their energies with that of Astrophyllite. Inner balance will become easily achievable, and a deeper focus will provide clarity of our membrane. As you begin to open your mental capacity up and accept higher forms of knowledge, one must understand their internal vibration will never be the same! Your entire essence and aura will evolve, allowing you to excel much further than others here on planet Earth. Through this stone, one will finally understand what internal trust and self-love mean. Astrophyllite’s energies cannot connect to closed minds and only offers growth to those fully accepting of its energies. Close your eyes, open your mind, and allow Astrophyllite to strengthen your spiritual connection to the unknown!