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Gaia's Cosmic Garden

Dragons Blood Jasper Tumbled Stones

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DragonS Blood Jasper 

A stone that activates and unlocks the heart. Has been known to strengthen and rejuvenate the heart and heal the emotional body. Its red rays pulsating off a chunk of Epidote enhances the rate at which the heart heals, and aids in a reconnection between the mind, heart, and soul. This important reconnection allows you to speak and feel as one being, and not just scattered feelings and disconnected emotions. Dragon Jasper is one of the best stones for anyone who is strictly looking to work on themselves so that they may be better for the ones closest to them. As this stones vibrations imbue your heart with love, courage, and power, you’ll notice yourself radiating that energy to others.

It’s important to remember that Epidote attracts the energy that you put out. It’s very much has a karma-like influence to it in the sense of “what goes around comes around”. If your having a bad day and notice your energy output is very negative, we recommended putting the piece of Dragon Jasper to the side until your able to take a moment out of the day and work on yourself.