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Gaia's Cosmic Garden

White Jade Tumbled Stones

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White jade holds lots of meaning. Most commonly, the gemstone is associated with light. The light is believed to be within the stone, so it will work wonders on whoever wears white jade jewelry or keeps a stone nearby. It has multiple powers, but most importantly, it will promote a peaceful attitude. You will feel calmer than usual and you can make a better decision when your mind is clear. On the same note, negativity is out of context too. The gemstone has healing energies as well. When it comes to healing, do not expect tackling the serious disease. Instead, it is known to purify the heart, which is somehow related to the peace and calmness it promotes. Just like other powerful stones, white jade may have an impact on your love life as well. The same type of energy will help you make better decisions and tackle challenges without too much hassle. After all, when your mind is clear, everything else becomes a piece of cake.